C’est juste Paris timelapse

C’est juste Paris timelapse was filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 17-40L F4; Canon 28-70L F2.8; Canon 70-200L F4 and Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II lenses over various days in the city between 2014 and 2015. Approximately 10,000 shots were required for the sequences used.

The images were processed first in LR Timelapse 3 and 4 and then into Lightroom where additional processing was done. Next, they were rendered out in After Effects CC with at times some colour correction in Photoshop before the film and music was put together in Sony Vegas.

In some cases a Promote Control Advanced Remote Control was used to control the shutter speed and ISO to ramp the exposures.

Lee Filters neutral density grads were used to balance the sky and foreground light.

Music was provided by Neoclassic.

All footage is available through Getty Images for licensing.

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