London timelapse

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The Shard is Europe’s tallest building. The Shard’s architect, Renzo Piano is quoted as saying:

‘Being an architect is a very dangerous job, because if you are wrong then of course everybody knows,’. Like any great artist, he is a risk taker, he bears all to more than 375,000 people daily who pass by close to The Shard, via London Bridge Station.

I have been fascinated by The Shard, ever since I worked on the London summer Olympics and had it wink at me, temptingly, each morning as I opened my hotel curtains. One day, I knew I would be back ready to time-lapse from the inside of this marvellous structure, from The View From The Shard observation deck, and from street level.

I’ve tried to keep things short and sweet with some additional views of London from vertigo-inducing locations. I hope you enjoy it and can one day yourself, visit this amazing crystalline-building.

5Dii and iii
Nikon 14-24
Canon 24 Lii
Manfrotto tripods

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects
Avid Media Composer
Adobe Media Encoder

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